Why Us?

Why us? It’s a good question.

When people ask us why they should choose NFRE as their real estate partner, we’ve found the best way to answer that question is to tell you our story.

About a decade ago, most members of our current North Fork Real Estate team were working for some of the largest, highest-profile area real estate firms. And while we appreciated the opportunity, after a while, we got tired.

Tired of big-corporate philosophies that encouraged us to view every client the same way; not as individuals but as opportunities.

Tired of a ‘push to close at all costs’ mantra – even when that cost was sometimes the client’s best interests.

Tired of being unable to tell the whole story but, instead, reveal just enough to close the deal and move on to the next.
Tired of ever-steeper sales goals that pressured us to put profit over the people and run after more more more.

In short, Tired of not being able to truly take care of our clients in the way we knew was right.

No, we were not tired of Real Estate, which we love. But being constrained in a way that didn’t serve the customer, and sometimes didn’t let us sleep too well at night, told us something needed to change.

So one day we gave our notice, got up, and left. And formed North Fork Real Estate.

And over the past decade, we’ve discovered that most people really want a personal experience; a firm that can truly adapt to their requests and serve them better. To work with someone who actually listens. To be met with Transparency and Honesty throughout the process. And, of course, to be satisfied with effective results that are always consistent with exactly what they’ve asked for.

Having equal access to the same data-driven tools and technologies as even our largest competitors, coupled with our own expertise, experience and actual local knowledge has enabled us to thrive.

We’re not naive; at the end of the day, Real Estate is a Business. You want to sell your home for the highest profit, or buy a home that will serve you well for years to come.

But at the end of that same day, we know businesses, like people, are all unique.

We recognize that you are the only person with your specific needs, wants, and wishes. And because your needs are personal, at NFRE we believe those needs should be met in a manner that is truly tailored to you.

The only way to do that effectively is to have the freedom to adapt, speak openly and honestly, and sometimes even rewrite our own rules to meet your needs.

To achieve that requires independence, strength and the unconstrained flexibility to apply our expertise to whatever you need while having the freedom to do whatever is right to get you there.

That combination of autonomy and proven ability is agency —The Freedom to Do For You.

Which not only gets you the results you want in the way you want them, but also allows everyone involved in the process to sleep well at night.

That’s Why.

What’s It Like To Work With Us?

“I have worked with Sheila and Kristen for many years buying and selling properties. They are ultimate professionals whose primary interests are client satisfaction. Chic, smart and always available.”

“Wonderful professional people who are dedicated and knowledgeable to handle all your real estate needs on the North Fork.”

“I wouldn’t even think of using anyone but NFRE for my next property acquisition on the North Fork!”

“Kristen Rishe, not only do you define ethics in our business – you are a true leader, a great mentor and above all else a great friend.

Mission Statement

At North Fork Real Estate we are committed to treating our clients as people, not opportunities. To truly listen to and adapt our resources to your wishes. To always do the right thing, even when it may be difficult or less-profitable for us.

To leverage the latest tools, technologies and our own position as an independent agency to ensure we are providing the best service available anywhere to our clients.

To break the rules, or write new ones, when necessary. To adapt quickly as needed and provide a real estate experience that is both professional and personal. And, whether you are buying or selling, to completely meet your needs, whatever they may be.