Is it easy to sell a spectacular house? Yes.

Is it easy to sell a spectacular house before it is built? Well, that was our task with Hyatt Road in Southold.

We are fortunate to work with an amazing builder who prefers to find a buyer early in the process so they can collaborate on the finishes and truly make it a special custom home. The challenge was painting the picture of the perfect home when it was nothing but wooden studs.

Oh, and not to mention 6 degrees outside.

But, over the winter, as our builder plugged away on the bones of the home, we got to work painting the picture of the finished product.

First, we created photo realistic renderings, carefully crafted drone footage to give a true sense of the area, accurate, yet simple floor plans, and even a time lapse so a future buyer could watch the home being built in real time.

We also spent much time thinking about the strategy for the tours themselves and how best to make people visualize the finished product, way before finish.

Then in the single digit temps, we rolled out the “construction red carpet” (a wood plank to get into the house) and began showing it to prospective buyers.

The feedback was amazing! Everyone saw the vision. Many could see themselves in the home. Eventually, we met the perfect buyers and the rest, is history. The house was ultimately completed over the summer, and it was even more beautiful than everyone imagined.

We are beyond happy for our builder client and the buyers who worked together to put the personal touches on their perfect North Fork home!